PROP-19 ProLine Plus Teleprompter with 19 Inch Beamsplitter Glass - Soft Case Included Prompter People $2,199.95 $2,099.95
FLEX-UC17 17 Inch Undercamera Teleprompter Prompter People $1,199.95

FLEX-FS15 15 Inch Flex Plus Freestanding Teleprompter Prompter People

  • Ultra adjustable with easy, tool-less control of camera and monitor position.
  • Freestanding “run & gun” model that supports any camera size MiniDV to ENG
  • Self-reversing monitors that can display prompting with either the included PC and Mac software or with any presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote.
  • VGA, HDMI composite inputs

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The Flex Plus Freestand teleprompter’s patent-pending design utilizes custom aluminum extrusions for high strength, featuring lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The unique design offers perfect balance for any size camera from a palmcorder to a full size ENG camera. The included monitor offers a variety of inputs including VGA, composite and HDMI. The lightweight, long life LED backlit display offers a bright 400 nit image (nit is the unit of visible light intensity). The Flex 12 can be quickly and cost effectively converted to an iPad or to a 15, 17, 19, or 24 inch prompter for ultimate flexibility.

*The text reflection in glass reads backwards. Our monitor reverses the text so it is readable.


  • Supports any camera size MiniDV to ENG
  • Freestanding “run & gun” model
  • Flip-Q Lite software license for Mac and PC included, upgrade to Pro available as an extra
  • VGA, HDMI composite inputs
  • Runs on 100-240V AC or 12v DC
  • Premium HD 60/40 glass beamsplitter
  • Rear Anti reflection coating
  • Completely tool-less setup
  • Lightweight aluminum extrusion frames

Item Includes:

  • Freestanding Teleprompter with Stand
  • Flip-Q Pro Prompting Software
  • Soft case


  • 3 year warranty on hardware