Chroma-Q CHSF2V72 Studio Force II 72 Studio Light with Trunnion - 3 Foot TRUE1 to Male Edison Tail $5,499.95 $5,399.95
Chroma-Q CHSF2V48LR Studio Force II 48 Studio Light with Trunnion - 3 Foot TRUE1 to Male Edison Tail & LumenRadio RF $5,199.95 $4,999.95

Chroma-Q CHSF2V48W Studio Force II 48 Studio Light with Trunnion – 3 Foot TRUE1 to Male Edison Tail – White Body


  • High intensity tunable white wash light
  • Capable of delivering variable color temperature, plus/minus green shift control
  • Ability to produce deep saturated colors when needed
  • Delivers consistent color across fixtures using the same ColorSure™ technologies found in other innovative Chroma-Q® fixtures



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$4,949.95 $4,499.95


Plus / Minus Green Shift
Tuneable white LED fixtures produce light typically ranging from cool white (~6,500K CCT) through to warm white (~2,800K CCT) by following the black body locus. Chroma-Q’s plus / minus green shift control allows designers to vary hue by moving along the green-magenta axis orthogonal to the colour temperature axis in accurately defined increments. This gives exceptional ability to control atmosphere and ambience on screen.

Chroma-Qr ColorSure™
The inherent variation between individual LED emitters means colour can vary from fixture to fixture. Chroma-Q’s ColorSure is a proprietary system to ensure fixtures within the same product range provide consistent output regardless of when they are manufactured.

A complex range of processes for selecting (binning) individual LED emitters; calibrating LED light engines in-house to a uniform standard and sophisticated firmware and software ensures exceptional fixture to fixture consistency.


  • Full spectrum variable white light engine
  • High intensity homogenised output
  • Extremely smooth uniform wash
  • Variable plus / minus green shift
  • Ideal for TV, film, touring, exhibitions, corporate events and theatre
  • PowerCON TRUE1 input and output for easy daisy chaining of fixtures

Item Includes:

  • Fixture
  • Power cord
  • Mounting bracket
  • Safety chain
  • Quick Start Guide
Weight 16 lbs


  •  CCT: Adjustable 2,800K – 6,500K
  • CRI: Up to 94
  • Mired shift (+/-GREEN): +2 / -2 Green shift (KHi mode)
  • Hot lumen output (MAX.): 24,000 lm
  • Dimming: Ultra Smooth Dimming
  • Control protocol DMX: IP RATING IP20
  • Net dimensions(L x H x D): 46.5″ x 7.5″ x 6.5″ (1181mm x 191mm x 165mm)
  • Weight: 18.0kg / 40lbs
  • Power consumption(MAX.): 550W
  • Connections: Power Neutrik powerCON TRUE 1; Data Neutrik XLR 5 – pin
  • LED life: L70 at 50,000 hours